Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just love this two year old

pig tail love

future el capitan climber

the barber

"if she screws up my brothers hair, I'll squirt her!"

In addition to the million other titles I have as a mom, you can include barber to that list... that is until today. For the first time in four years someone else cut my son's hair. There was no screaming involved, no movie playing on the portable dvd, no lollipop (well afterwards, yes) and no contorting my body with cheapo hair scissors while my son sit in a bathtub. Hallelujah! He was ready, just finally ready to overcome his fear. woohooo!!! He held Daddy's hand the entire time- it was precious. I'm a little bummed at how much was cut off- he doesn't quite look like my little surfer dude anymore, but it will grow, this much I know. Oh yeah, I'm soo proud of him!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

beach fix

The beach is my vice and saving grace. I wish I could bottle up what it does for me and my children. Time outs don't exist here.

fun with chinese finger cuffs

This is how I was able to get the dishes cleaned up this morning without interuption. I'm not sure which is better... the morning light streaming in the kitchen or the expression on my daughter's face when she got the finger cuff to shoot up and land right into the pot of soapy water?